Time Off Tracker

Automate and track your employees' time off with Time Off Tracker

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Save Time!

Automate your employees' time off requests and approvals. Keep your staff and managers focused on their jobs. Makes the process fast! No paper, no wasted time!

Makes Work Easy!

Put appropriate attendance information at your staff's finger tips instantly. Always up-to-date without any manual calculations.

Save Money

Your organization will avoid wasteful costs with Time Off Tracker. You will make fewer payroll errors and better understand your employees and their attendance patterns

Regulatory Compliance

  • Ensures you are compliant with labour laws and standards
  • Easy and accurate tracking of vacation time entitlement
  • Audit trail and tracking of time entitled and time taken
  • Employees and Managers receive email records

Web based application

  • Email requests and approvals. No need to move paper forms between people or departments
  • Electronic records management. No need to store paper files in drawers or find a form when someone wants to book time off
  • Instant retrieval and up-to-date information on employees' time off. No manual calculations. No errors
  • No need to maintain software in-house

Calendar Feature

  • Instantly see which requests are pending or approved
  • Quickly see who is away at any given time and plan for coverage
  • Manage adequate presence of employees to maintain business efficacy


  • Customize vacation types for tracking tailored to your organization
  • Use accrual or granted time for your employees
  • Provide different rates of accrual for each of your employees

Email Notification

  • Receive notifications to your email any time
  • Managers and employees have email proof of time off requests and approvals
  • Subsequent changes to requests and approvals have an audit trail
  • Requests and approvals are permanently recorded and never lost