Time Off Tracker

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What our clients are saying:

"Our team can quickly and easily see when staff will be away for vacations, conferences and holiday time. Our processes for time off are streamlined and better managed with diligoHR. We now have greater transparency and organization, which was difficult, if not impossible, before we adopted this system."
Lia Robinson - Manager, Communications & Member Services - BOMA Calgary

"With diligoHR payroll is much easier and faster. All of the time off information is in one place so I don't have to chase down forms or employees and managers to hand them in. If I see there is an issue I can spot it easily and speak to an employee's manager. This makes my job easier."
Phil Lefebvre - Payroll/Admin Support - North Star Ford Sales (Calgary)

"We've tried to make something like this in Excel before, but this is really slick."
Cindy B. - Project Manager - Oil & Gas Industry

"This is awesome!"
Michael S. - Sales - Automotive Industry

"This is so much better than what we had before. Payroll is way easier."
Tim R. - Payroll Specialist - Automotive Industry

"This is so much better. Finally everything is in one place."
Karen M. - HR Manager - Building Industry