Time Off Tracker

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Why Time Off Tracker?

Save Time

Do you buy a jumbo calendar each January hoping to keep track of all your staff's time off for the year. By March is the calendar abandoned? Do you start a new Outlook calendar instead and make it to May before things get out of hand?

Most businesses and organizations waste precious time administering ineffective and non-compliant ways of recording, approving, tracking and storing their staff's time off and vacation requests and records. diligoHR Time Off Tracker provides an easy to use website and email notification system for time off requests, approvals, tracking and storage.

Paper and homemade systems time off system can't keep up with today's work environment. Consider how wasteful a paper system is:

  • Paper forms take too much time to process.
  • Paper forms are prone to error when transcribed from one system to another.
  • Paper forms waste time as staff need to find a form, print it out, find the person to hand it in to and then wait for feedback.
  • Paper forms need to be stored after they are processed.
  • Paper forms can't easily be searched or reviewed.
  • Paper forms provide no way to quickly review staff coverage for time off requested

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Make Work Easy

diligoHR Time Off Tracker ensures your organization's vacation and attendance records are always in order.

Time Off Tracker accrues time off for your employees based on your custom settings. Employees always know how much time they have booked off, accrued and taken. In addition non-vacation time is tracked based on your custom settings. Plus, records are never lost or misplaced.

Employee records are never lost and can easily be looked up even after employees leave. Confusion is easily overcome.

Save Money

diligoHR will help your organization or business save time:

  • No more wasted time retrieving forms
  • Filling them out
  • Handing them in
  • Waiting for approval
  • Waiting for reports

diligoHR will help your organization or business save money:

  • Making an error recording time off can be costly. diligoHR Time Off Tracker helps ensure all your time off is recorded.
  • Time off records are recorded quickly and accurately. Time isn't wasted dealing with time off.
  • Accurately record every employee's time off.
  • The calendar feature helps ensure there is enough staff coverage during peak vacation time. This ensures you have enough staff on duty to keep production up and ensure your customers are taken care of.

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We know implementing a new process can be daunting. We have implemented our system in both large and small organizations with success. We are committed to making your implementation as easy and seamless as possible.

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