Time Off Tracker

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diligoHR Time Off Tracker is packed with features to make your time off tracking simple and effective.

Accrual Based or Granted Time Off or Both!

Your business may have a number of different time off schemes depending on different departments, tenure, status, or division. diligoHR allows you a flexible system to provide and measure time off based on your needs. You can do all of this and more:
  • Accrue time at any rate you choose
  • Grant time off based on tenure
  • Build your own custom scheme
  • Provide a different scheme for each employee

Manager's Calendar

  • Time Off Tracker offers an easy to use calendar for each manager. The manager can quickly see all of their staff's time off and can plan for coverage before approving time off requests
  • Executives have a calendar providing them time off information for all their managers and staff.
  • The calendar is colour coded showing approved and pending request in different colours as a quick and easy visual reference.

Manager's Overrides

  • Employees don't always provide advance notice when they will be away from work. When this happens, managers can enter time off on the employee's behalf to ensure that tracking is kept up to date. Both the employee and the manager will receive confirmation emails. 

Customizable Time Off Types

  • You can rename and create new time off types to suit your needs. This will provide accurate tracking of types of time off provided to employees. If tracking training is important you can quickly and easily set up a time off type for training and code employee leave to that type.

Email Responses

  • Managers are notified via email when new time off requests are created by employees. Likewise employees receive an email confirming their request. Upon approval both the manager and the employee are sent an email confirmation. Modifying records also generate emails. Staff and managers always know exactly what is happening with their time off.

Staff Access

  • Staff can access their time off records at any time. There is no need for them to request a record of time taken or time remaining, since the system provides that for them. Staff also gets the benefit of looking back over their time off to understand their attendance more accurately.


  • Access diligoHR Time Off Tracker from any web enabled smart phone
  • Respond to time off requests, make requests, and look up time off from anywhere on your smartphone


  • Simple, yet effective report allows payroll to administer pay accurately and quickly. Payroll can identify paid or unpaid days off and account for time off as vacation pay or related to other expenses.
  • Reports allow for management of employee attendance. Attendance issues can easily be identified and handled before they become performance or human resource issues.
  • Export Excel reports from the system.